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S*%# happens

Some days are “revel in good health” days—creative cooking, yummy plant-based meals, and epic C25K training. Fist pump. Go ME.

Other days, I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to track 47 pieces of English marzipan licorice candy.

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 5.42.21 PM

I’m owning this for three reasons:

  1. Nothing bugs me out more than hearing a fellow healthy-eating reformist make a comment like, “Oh my gosh, I totally binged today. I had TWO whole-wheat English muffins with fat-free soy cheese. I feel like such a heifer.” Sorry, not buying it. The healthy-living perfectionism schtick is played; EVERYone freebases a jar of Nutella or a bag of chips once in a while. When the shit hits the fan and 1,100 calories of marzipan-coated black licorice gets wolfed, just do the right thing and own it.
  2. I tracked it. Every piece.
  3. I don’t feel guilty. Because this disgusting-sounding pink-candy-coated licorice is the shiz, yo.

An ode to cottage cheese

Fiber One cottage cheese is the creamiest, milkiest, most wonderful-amazingest cottage cheese in the entire world. I buy six containers at a time and hoard it like a nut, because it’s so good. You should too. But not from my local grocery store. Find your own—the supply at Walmart Store #2192 is mine.

That is all.


Hi again, world! It’s me—former really-big-fatty, current average-fatty, Velveeta/Krispy Kreme/Cheetos-loving lady in the midst of a years-long battle to get lean and healthy. Kara—who cannot cook—at your service.

I’ve decided to restart this blog after two years away for a few simple reasons:

  1. I’ve recently joined Weight Watchers and am following the PointsPlus system.
  2. I realized (in a really ugly wake-up call that consisted of tears and hysteria and the near-alienation of an amazing roommate) that FOLLOWING said Weight Watchers program will require more than just cutting back on my usual food. It’s going to mean a total overhaul of the way I think, eat, and live. And not just for the duration of “my diet”—for life.
  3. Said realization has created a bit of an obsession with recipes, cooking methods, and Pinterest boards with names like “Living La Vida Lightly.” And my need to document and discuss these things ad nauseam is driving my friends and loved ones to the brink of insanity.

So rather than alienate the people around me, I’m choosing to blog. Because when my enthusiasm for low-Point tortilla chips and banana desserts gets embarrassing, you can close the browser.