My go-to meal used to be butter-slathered sourdough bread covered in Cheetos. (Yes, really.) I had the high blood pressure and multiple chins to prove it.

Add four years (and subtract 165 pounds)—my journey to find healthful, great tasting food continues.

Diet food sucks. Boiled vegetables and limp fish and rice cakes are the devil. Why eat mushy green beans when you can feast on crispy, zesty, blackened asparagus? Why drink a grainy diet chocolate shake when you can have a warm egg and ricotta peasant-bread sandwich, soft yolk drizzling over a pile of crisp arugula and fresh cheese?

Healthy, non-sucky food exists. My job is to find (and eat) it. Join me.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. John says:

    Cool site Kara!

  2. Patricia says:

    Congrats on your loss Kara….all 165 of them! Well done!!

  3. Amanda says:

    I discovered your site last night and it is now 5:47am and I can’t stop giggling. I got here looking for creative uses for Eggroll wrappers, and then wound up reading your blog in re verse chronological order. I’m a fatty too…going under the knife for Bariatric RNY in 5 months. However, your suggestions and humour is so refreshing and in tune with my experiences (free basing nutella….love/hate of peanut butter, the need for pizza, etc) that I bet I’m going to make some serious progress between now and then by being your copycat. :-).

    Ps: Loved the post about rules of exercise for fat chicks.

    • karacantcook says:

      Thank you! Always so nice to hear from people who understand that the struggle is real.

      Aren’t egg roll wrappers so bomb? I luuuurve them. I have an improper relationship with them. It’s obscene, really.

      Best of luck with your RNY! I know several people who’ve gone through it, all with wonderful results. 🙂


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